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ATV Safety

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As lawyers on the Central Coast of California we practice law only minutes from the Oceano Dunes -the only place on the West Coast where off-road enthusiasts can still ride their vehicles on the beach. Every year as summer approaches the number of significant injuries -often involving children – greatly increases. The National Safety Council has a few suggestions to keep your rider safe.

    If your ATV is over 90 cc’s it should only be operated by someone over age 16.

    Always check your ATV’s cables and controls before riding.

    Check the chain – is it properly lubricated?

    Check the wheels and tires.

    ALWAYS -wear the right safety gear.

Perhaps the best safety tip is one that we can’t just read and communicate to our kids. We have to show them how to exercise good judgment. When you are 15 you are convinced that you are invincible. Show them its OK to slow down. I’ve been on the dunes too many times seeing a kid flying off a sand dune “hoping” another riding isn’t coming up the other side. I’ve also been in the emergency room when a child is brought in by ambulance in critical condition. Never once have I seen a mom comforted by that fact that her son rode the fastest or jumped off the highest dune.

Be safe!