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Another Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Santa Barbara

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According to KSBY, a 42 year old Ventura man was killed Monday morning when his motorcycle hit a car that had suddenly stopped in front of him.

It was reported that the collision occurred when the driver of the car in front of the rider slammed on her brakes to avoid slowing traffic ahead of her. It is critical in these cases to understand the sequence of events. The car ahead of the motorcyclist will in all likelihood have civil responsibility for the accident since, by at least initial reports, she made an unsafe stop. But, it is also possible that one or more cars ahead of that driver may be liable. It will be important to identify and interview witnesses who can explain why traffic was slowing. If traffic slowed because of a negligent driver ahead of the car that the motorcycle hit that driver may also be liable for any damages to Mr. Valdovinos’ family in a civil wrongful death lawsuit.