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San Luis Obispo Law Suit Against Blue Shield Granted Class Action Status

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A San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Judge recently granted class-action status to a lawsuit filed against Blue Shield insurance company by a Morro Bay woman who claimed Blue Shield wrongfully canceled her health insurance after her son became seriously ill. Granting class-action status means that other people with similar claims will be able to join the lawsuit. The lawsuit, which was filed by San Luis Obispo lawyer, Ray Mattison, claims that Blue Shield representatives combed through her medical records to find a way to cancel her coverage after her son was born with a hole in his heart.

Without the ability to combine similar claims in one class-action lawsuit many individuals would be unable to retain counsel to represent them. Consumer Attorneys of California President, Don Ernst, has continued to work to defeat legislation that would effectively eliminate class-action lawsuit in California. Preserving the rights of consumers to file class-action lawsuits against large corporations is the only way to level the playing field when indivuals are hurt by the actions of corporation.