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Man Sentenced for Molesting 15 year-old Girl

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A San Luis Obispo man was sentenced to 7 years in prison for molesting a 15 year-old girl.

Perhaps it is just because I have represented several victims of abuse in civil suits against their attackers, but it certainly seems that there has been an increase in the reports of this type of perverted behavior. It also seems as if the perpetrator never receives enough jail time. I am involved in one civil case where the defendant was sentenced to less than a year in county jail for a three year molestation of his niece.

We have taken on several of these cases by bringing a civil case against the perpetrator. Finding liability is the easy part. Finding a way to get our clients compensated is the hard part. We have been able to plead some of our cases to trigger insurance coverage. We also seek punitive damages to be sure that the civil judgment cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. Many times, we end up with a large judgment, only a portion of which will ever be collected. My experience is, however, that holding these perverts responsible has as much value to these girls as collecting a judgment will ever have.

These cases are sad, emotional, difficult, and tremendously rewarding.