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Blackberry or i-Phone for Your Lawyer?

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In today’s on-demand information way of life its expected that you should be able to reach your lawyer without waiting days, or even several hours, for a response. To make themselves available many lawyers have armed themselves with Blackberry hand-held devices that allow them to access e-mail wherever they are. (Even during dinner with your wife, but that’s another story!)

The recent introduction of the i-phone has given lawyers a new choice. Some experts worry, however, about two potential flaws in the -i-phone’s security. First, it can’t be password protected. Secondly, it’s content can’t be remotely deleted if the device is lost.

Regardless of the technology you should be able to communicate with your lawyer without waiting a long time for a response. In fact, the State Bar rules demand that your lawyer communicate with you about your case.

Just something to think about when you hire a lawyer. (You’ll be able to reach me on my Blackberry should we ever work together!)