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Amazing Display of Sportsmanship

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This isn’t a legal story, but sometimes a story is just too good to ignore.

Saturday, Western Oregon University senior softball player, Sara Tucholsky, hit a home run in a game against Central Washington. No big deal, right? Except Tucholsky is a 5’2” self described “line-drive” hitter who had never hit a home-run. Not in Little League, high school or through nearly four seasons in college.

As she rounded first base she felt something pop in her right knee. She felt pain so intense that she couldn’t stand. She crawled to back to first base, where she fell face down, holding onto the base. Knowing her player was injured the Western Oregon coach asked if she could use a substitute runner, or assist her player around the bases. The umpire informed the coach that both options were against the rules.

And that’s when sportsmanship of the highest order made its appearance in the game. Two players from the opposing team lifted Tucholsky and began carrying her around the bases. After they put her down on home plate Tucholsky’s team mates took over and helped her to the bench. Tests revealed that Tucholsky had torn her ACL. You can see the amazing video here: http://sports.espn.go.com/broadband/video/videopage?videoId=3380875

When asked why they had helped the opposing team score a run, Central Washington player Mallory Holtman simply said “It was the right thing to do.”; and, “Because she deserved it.”

I just wanted to write about something that made me feel good. Helping someone, just because it’s the right thing to do. Don’t you wish real life always worked that way?