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Nigel Whitehead

Hospital Balance Billing in California

In California if you end up in the emergency room at least you don’t have to worry about the bill since you have health insurance, right? Not so fast. This week a new rule was put in to place…

Nigel Whitehead

Should I Take My Personal Injury Case To Trial?

Deciding whether to settle your Personal Injury case or go to trial is sometimes a difficult decision. Many factors unique to you and your case must be carefully considered before you decide whether…

Nigel Whitehead

Do I Need a Lawyer?

I just spoke to a potential client on the phone about her daughters non-injury accident. She was shocked when I explained to her that she probably didn’t need a lawyer and suggested that a Small…

Susan Devine

High Death Rate for Young Drivers Who Don’t Wear Seatbelts

Young drivers who do not wear seatbelts are at great risk of serious injury or death.

Nigel Whitehead

Sudden Onset Illness Causes Auto Accident

What happens when a driver of a car suffers a sudden and unexpected medical condition, such as a heart attack, which causes him to lose control of his car resulting in an accident? In California if…

Nigel Whitehead

Kids and the Law

Curfew? Drugs and Alcohol? Driving? School? If you have children and have every had a legal question concerning their rights, or your obligations, the State Bar of California has an excellent free…

Nigel Whitehead

Ford Explorer Rollover Accident in Pismo Beach

Ford Explorer Rollover Accident

Nigel Whitehead

Santa Maria Man Killed in DUI Collision

Santa Maria man killed in DUI collision

Nigel Whitehead

Proposed Law to Ban Driving with Pet in Lap (Seriously)

Legislation was recently passed 44 – 11 in the California Assembly that would ban DUIPIL – Driving Under the Influence of a Pet in Your Lap. See the text of Assembly Bill 2233 here. It’s remarkable…

Nigel Whitehead

Fatal Collision on Hwy 166 in San Luis Obispo County

On Tuesday afternoon a white 2007 Corvette collided head-on with a semi truck on Highway 166 in San Luis Obispo County. The driver of the Corvette was air-lifted to a local hospital where he died…