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Serious Motorcycle Accident in Nipomo

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The San Luis Obispo Tribune reported a serious Ford Explorer v. motorcycle accident on April 26, 2008 on Highway 1 near Nipomo. The driver of the Ford Explorer turned left in front of the motorcycle rider causing the collision. Even though the rider was wearing a helmet he suffered significant injuries. Hopefully the helmet saved this man’s life.

This area of Highway 1 is between Willow Road and the new Woodlands development on the Nipomo Mesa. This development is already bringing thousands of residents and visitors to the area. The major access road to the Woodlands is Highway 101. To date, no stop signs or traffic signals have been installed, despite the significant increase in traffic. What was once a little traveled section of road is becoming increasingly busy while the infrastructure remains the same. Hopefully, as the project continues officials will reassess the need for modifications to the road.