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Ford Explorer Rollover Accident in Pismo Beach

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The San Luis Obispo Tribune is reporting that on Monday afternoon there was another Ford Explorer rollover accident, this time in Pismo Beach, CA. Highway 101 southbound traffic was slowed for more than an hour. Even those who thought they could beat the traffic by taking Shell Beach road (like me) were held up for over 30 minutes.

The driver of the Ford Explorer, Ismael Venegas was southbound with his three passengers when a car made an unsafe lane change into his lane. Venegas swerved to miss the car, but his Ford Explorer became unstable and rolled over.

This may at first read seem like a case of simple driver error. However, the Ford Explorer has been the subject of massive tort litigation over its dangerous propensity to rollover, even with reasonable driver input. The National Highway traffic Safety Adminstration has released an excellent Power Point presentation on their research. You can download a free Power Point viewer here if you don’t have Power Point on your computer.

Early investigation  is critical in any potential case against Ford. We have handled a number of lawsuits against Ford and know firsthand that early investigation into tire type, tire size, air pressure, and the general mechanical condition of the vehicle are all very important if a successful claim against Ford is to be made.