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Do I Need a Lawyer?

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I just spoke to a potential client on the phone about her daughters non-injury accident. She was shocked when I explained to her that she probably didn’t need a lawyer and suggested that a Small Claims Court claim was the best way to resolve the small property damage dispute. She joked (perhaps) that I was the first lawyer she knew who ever talked himself out of getting hired!

Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer in a serious injury case is essential if you are to receive full value for your case. However, there are many situations where you simply don’t need to hire a lawyer. Did you know that you can make a claim for up to $7,500 in Small Claims Court? The process is inexpensive and quick.

The California Superior Court web site is an excellent self-help guide. The site contains links to forms and “How To” guides.

If you claim is minor you should be fine in Small Claims Court. If, however, you are getting treated unfairly by the insurance company and you have been injured you should consider hiring an experienced personal injury attorney.